On Getting Edits During NaNoWriMo

Hello everyone!

This Wednesday’s post is about National Novel Writing Month. As some of y’all know, we are FOUR days into it! So it’s fitting to do a post focused on a concept… the concept of getting edits during National Novel Writing Month!


As a writer, I understand that when people edit, you tend to put on a new attitude. An attitude that says, “Is my writing good enough?” or “Will people hate it?”

Basically, we raise the bar for ourselves. We tell ourselves that it has to be perfect!

When people comment on your document, you might see how many comments they put and think that they should give up on their book. If it was actually good, then no one would tell me how to fix it.”

But a crucial thing to remember is: Getting edits saves every single writer’s career, book, and reputation. Every good book has, or will, receive edits in it’s time. Most likely, the editor will leave tremendous amounts of edits!

Start thinking of edits as another brain in your book. The other person editing will see things differently than you, and so will your audience. That’s why it’s crucial to get edits. 

Conclusion: Receiving edits during NaNoWriMo should not stop you from creating your beautiful story. Receiving edits should also never bog you down, no matter how many comments there are, and you should never, ever feel overwhelmed. A key to remembering this is What if your favorite writer stopped writing their book because they got a lot of edits?


It might help you if someone else says it. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WRITE A PERFECT BOOK DURING THE THIRTY DAYS OF NANOWRIMO. Oh, that was a little dramatic, but hey, it gets the point across! The thing is, your NaNoWriMo book is going to be your most un-perfect draft. Because you only have a month to write a book! So stop, stop, stop, trying to think that your first draft must be perfect. Making your book the best comes after NaNoWriMo ends. So don’t worry if you don’t use the comments your editor gives you until after NaNoWriMo! It’s totally fine to use them after you get the first draft of your book in. 😉

So that’s all for now, I hope this post has helped you with your writing! 

Go create some new worlds!


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