Writing Advice: 2 ways to make good characters

When creating your first book, it is great that you have believable characters to kick your reader into your story. Today I will be going over two very important things to make your character not only believable, but human. You will find out that these two things will help your novel, and they are super simple to imply. So let’s dive in. 

Make your characters have fault AND human conflict

This is very important in making believable characters. In order to relate to your audience, (which are humans, or animals :P) you will need to make your characters have faults and conflict. It will help your readers have empathy for characters. It can show the character to the reader better, too, and by adding faults it makes it seem that you don’t have an all-around perfect character. Which is for the better, because no one is all-around perfect in this world. 

Make them want… not just ask

You need to show the character’s desires up close and personal. You don’t need to just let them ask for something. There needs to be a reason why they are asking. 

Every character has needs and wants. Internal and external conflict. We, as humans, have internal and external conflict. We all want something–which is external conflict–and we all need something–which is internal conflict. To break it down even further, internal is character vs. self. You could think of it as “your character wants the cookie, but she knows that she is on a diet” sort of thing. 

External is conflict between a person or outside force and the character. And those two things (internal and external conflict) make a character a good character, on top of everything else, and they not only need to be displayed in your story, but they also need to be shown. In other words, make them want something and truly show it in your story, whether it be by your plot or your character’s actions, and don’t just show them asking for something. What do they want? What are their motives for wanting something?

So those were two things that make a character a good character. But those aren’t the only things that make them realistic. This article is probably only a slice of the cake in order to make good characters, and I recommend watching videos to see really how to make a great character. One subject in the video “Dialogue Don’ts” by BookishPixie on YouTube has helped point out that characters don’t need to be perfect. And I would also recommend 

But a few things you want to establish in your character before you start writing: need, want, fault, and human conflict.

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