Interview with Sophia Small

So today I am going to be interviewing a fellow writer and blogger, Sophia Small! Recently she has re-launched her blog, Tea Stained Adventures (which you can find here!) and has a new thing on there where you can get a pen-pal! Be sure to check that out. Well, here is the interview!

QUESTION: Hi, Sophi Small!

What age did you start writing?

Response: Hey, Ava! So happy to be here!

I started writing when I was six years old. My first-grade teacher taught the class what “screenwriting” was, and it made me eager to write the script of my very own movie. I never finished my script, but instead, I fell in love with the craft. I’ve been writing non-stop since then!

Question: Wow! That sounds great! What have you learned since you were six that has helped you in your writing now?


I’ve definitely grown a lot since then—and grown in my writing as well. I’ve narrowed down the particular things I enjoy writing and the things that I’m good at. But I think when I was six, I learned the appreciation and artistry that writing comes with. The excitement of jotting down a story on paper and seeing it come alive. That’s something I’ve kept with me ever since.

Question: What advice would you give to young writers? 

Response: Two words: keep writing. Try to write every day. And never give up the habit.

So that was it for the interview!! Again, please check out her blog Tea Stained Adventures AND her Pen-Pal project!

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