God Can Still Use You~Special Post

This post is by E. C. Colton, a author, cat mother, and young person using her skills for the Lord. You can find her blog here.

The Bible is full of moments where God uses people in the least likely circumstances. From a boy’s lunch being able to feed a crowd of 10,000 to a young woman saving her people—we see God using people in ways that, logically, would be impossible.

Just as a chess player moves chess pieces on a board to accomplish the purpose of winning, if we allow God to use us in His ways, we are the chess pieces under His master plan.

God can take the smallest thing—a fish, an almost-empty jug of oil, five loaves—to impact many.

In this blog post, I’ll be taking a closer look at a few stories from the Bible that illustrate the fact that God can use anyone—and you never know when you might be placed in a situation or time for “such a time as this.”

  1. God used an orphan, who could’ve been rebellious or bitter.

A classic example, Esther was an orphaned, Jewish young woman. When she heard that there was going to be a beauty contest of sorts in order for the king to choose a new queen, she could’ve been annoyed, jealous, or bitter. The Bible doesn’t tell us, however it does tell that she went to the castle for twelve months of preparation. 

In the end, as we all know the story, she became queen and later saved her people by finally revealing her identity as a Jew. If she had refused to attend, had run away, or rebelled, she would never have been able to preserve them. 

The situation could’ve been (and probably was) frightening. Esther could’ve been angry, bitter, jealous, or annoyed. Instead, she willingly complied and let God use her. 

How many times do you wonder why you’re in this situation or the time that you’re in? Do you wonder why you’re connected with certain people?

Well, my friend, it may be because God is trying to use you in ways you can’t even imagine.

And that brings us to the next character.

  1. God used a young boy, who could’ve been selfish.

Not much is known about this boy, in contrast to the book of Esther. Maybe he was there to fish. Or maybe he had heard about Jesus and the things He had done, and was in the crowd following him. The Bible doesn’t tell us.

However, what we do know is that he had five barley loaves and two small fish, probably for his lunch. And there was a big crowd of five thousand people, without food and were probably starving.

As the story goes, the boy gave up his lunch to feed five thousand. Logically, that’s not even possible. If five barley loaves could be split, each person would probably get about a crumb. However, the Bible states that Jesus “distributed to those who were seated much as they wanted.” (John 6:11).

This boy could’ve been selfish. He could’ve been hanging onto the last of his lunch, seeing how valuable it was among the starving people around him.

However, he allowed God to use him and was able to eat as much as he wanted.

  1. God used a young boy, who could’ve been complacent or disobedient.

In the days of when Samuel was a child, visions and words from God were rare. Therefore, it must have been really surprising to Samuel when he heard a voice, and understandably mistook it for Eli’s. 

After three times, finally he came to terms that the voice speaking to him was God’s. However, this forbidding warning of judgement upon Eli and his household could’ve been frightening.

Nothing is stated about Samuel’s reaction. He probably was terrified. He could’ve tried to disregard the warning and dismiss it as nothing, then remained complacent to the word of God. He could’ve wondered if it was just his imagination. 

Imagine if he had refused to tell Eli.

But he didn’t.

By revealing it to Eli, he was named one of the prophets in Israel and continued to walk with the Lord, later providing guidance to others in their walk with God.

All because he was obedient.

  1. God used a young girl. . . (aka me!)

One day, during one of our church services, the pastor asked us to hold the hand of the person next to you. I don’t remember clearly why, but there was a lady next to me, dressed in black. From her actions, I could tell that she was tough and sort of reserved.

To be honest, I was a bit terrified, and I’m personally not a person who would feel comfortable talking or even associating with strangers. But I did it anyway.

To my amazement, God used that simple gesture to touch that lady’s heart. She was so touched that she broke down right there in the service. She felt loved and wanted by God.

If God can use a simple gesture, what can’t he do with your life? Just be available. Be open for Him to use you.

Have you ever felt that you were in a place or relationship because God wanted to shine through you to the people around you? Have you ever been used by God? 

Let me know your thoughts (and stories) in the comments below!

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