Why Women?~Special Post

*be prepared for a long, ranting post. I ask of you your forgivness.*

Today I got a book in the mail about tools. It was to sell the products, like a catalog. I was crazy because on the front had this woman, dressed in a skirt and shirt made of folded advertisements. And I was thinking… it takes women to sell tools?

All across the line of magazines and catalogs it takes smiling women dressed in seductive or non-seductive outfits to sell their products. Even boating advertisments–and, yes, tools.

And I think this needs to stop.

Women should not be paid to even dress in a advertisment dress and try to sell tools. We are better. We are mothers, sisters, nurses, doctors, writers, plumbers, veternarians, soldiers…

we are people.

Why does beside a woman come the words flirty and sexy and everything else… why? Why are we always counted on becoming someone pretty and gorgous and someone who has the right contour and the right shape and brown, tan legs? Why women? If everyone says we’re equal, we don’t deserve to have to fit the mold, trying harder than boys to equal something, to be gorgous, to… to…

be the people culture wants us to be?

But that’s not what God want’s of us. He hates it when women are used to sell… to sell the item just because there’s a woman on the cover, higlighted cheeks, beautifully colored hair, a model-type body.

Don’t get me wrong. What truly, deeply matters is the heart. You can read my post on that, too, here:


Products shouldn’t sell if they are sold only because women are on the cover. That’s all I have to say.

Because if we ignore the truth that God want’s better for us, we ignore God. And He wants more for us than to fit inside the skinny mold.

He dares us to be different.


Ava Rose

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