The Greats We Miss~Special Post

MONDAY IS Memorial Day.

A day to honor those who’ve served and gave their lives for our freedom, and for our country.

Photo by Brett Sayles

But it’s strange to think of the resemblance that these people share with the doctors, nurses, caretakers, EMS workers, soldiers, all the members of our defense, police, mothers, fathers… the list goes on and on and on.

But I’ve come to realize that sometimes we don’t notice these people until Memorial Day or Veterans Day is right up under our feet.

Sometimes we fail to see the people walking alongside us, wearing caps that clothe the word “Veteran” until we really see something that makes us notice them.

Many a day gone by in the past, and we realize how much we’ve taken doctors, nurses, and EMS workers for granted. Until a pandemic wacks our country with a baseball bat.

And then I realise, too, that there are only a few holidays that support and raise up vets in this country. Only a few 24 hours spent grilling and celebrating out on the beach or in our backyard.

Only 24 measly hours in a day.

So that makes me wonder: Can we remember these people a little more… just a little more? Can we try to remember the selfless acts of every one of these peoples listed above at least more than 24 hours? Rather, try to make time every month to remember them? It’s not that hard, and the least we can do…

to try not to forget the Greats We Miss everyday.

With great love,

Ava Rose

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