Who am I? What do I write?

I am a teenage Christian girl with an avid love for writing and spreading His word through my blog posts. I am an author of a childrens book, a hater of coffee, and anything beautiful catches my eye. I write posts specifically to teenage girls, and love to inspire! I believe that we are all roses with thorns to get through. ❤

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We Aren’t One Size

It was only yesterday. We had just moved into our new home. Visitors, however, were more than expected. A friend of my grandmother had decided that she wanted to see us, as she had not in a while. She got out of the car, was handed her fold-up walker, and took a seat in one […]

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Bookish Blog Tag

Hey, friends! So recently my blog got nominated to participate in the Bookish Blog Tag! Thank you, Cassidy Gregson, for nominating me! ❤ You can find her awesome blog here! Note: Some of these books I listened to on Audible! It is the best! 😉 Rules: 1. Make sure you thank the blogger who nominated […]

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Loved. Forever and always.

This is how it feels to be unloved. This is it.  We may be muttering those words to ourselves in times that we feel hurt, in times that we feel, yes, unloved. And actually, it probably feels like truth to you. If someone really feels this way about me, it must be true that no […]

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