Who am I? What do I write?

I am a teenage Christian girl with an avid love for writing and spreading His word through my blog posts. I am a bibliophile, meaning I love books :), I am an author of a childrens book, a hater of coffee, and anything beautiful catches my eye. I believe that we are all roses with thorns to get through. ❤

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On Getting Edits During NaNoWriMo

Hello everyone! This Wednesday’s post is about National Novel Writing Month. As some of y’all know, we are FOUR days into it! So it’s fitting to do a post focused on a concept… the concept of getting edits during National Novel Writing Month! EDITS SHOULD NEVER BOG YOU DOWN As a writer, I understand that…

✨My Pinterest Aesthetic Board✨

these photos on my boards do not belong to me. please follow all the creators, if you want, to help support them! warning: So today i am trying to gain some *aesthetic* by not capitalizing my i’s or my sentences. hello everyone!today i am announcing my pinterest aesthetic board… a new sort of “bonus” post…

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